Living Sport Launches International Sport Experiences for Students and Young Professionals

Living Sport International Sport Business Program.jpg

KUTZTOWN, Pa. – Experience can be the determining factor in whether or not a young professional lands their first job out of college. Living Sport, a newly founded international sport experience company, is providing that experience and much more.

Founded by Alicia Marinelli, an industry professional with over 10 years’ of experience, Living Sport’s mission is to use sport as a catalyst to experience the world and to inspire personal and professional growth. Through it's International Sport Business Program, Living Sport is providing young professionals and students the opportunity to embark on a 7-10 day international sport experience like no other. Participants will travel outside of the United States to international sporting events, where they will be placed as an official member of the staff. Additionally, the week-long itinerary will include group excursions allowing participants to explore and learn about the history of not only the city they are in, but the sporting culture that makes the city unique.

“If I can take the knowledge I learned in the past decade and use it to help develop passionate young professionals, I see it as a win all around,” said Marinelli. The focus of Living Sport’s International Sport Business (ISB) program will be to develop the work experience that is needed to get ahead, but also the chance to explore other countries, develop interpersonal skills, and establish an impressive resume point.

“I really like to help young adults find the right path to achieve their professional goals” said Marinelli. “I remember everyone who had helped me in my quest to work in sports, which is a really tough industry to break into. Now, this is my time to pay it forward.”

Marinelli sees the ISB program as a way for students and young professionals to stand out from the competition, adding “having an experience to talk about that not many others do is very intriguing to employers. Add in that it is an international cultural work experience, and I believe you just hit a homerun.”

Living Sport’s staff will feature a host of sport business professionals, many of whom got their start with Marinelli’s help.

“Alicia is not only the most dedicated professional I’ve ever worked with, but she is one of the most gifted as well,” said Shane Baglini, Vice President of Communications for Living Sport. “She hired me as an intern and provided a foundation for my career, which lead to me having the skills needed to earn a job with one of the top sport & entertainment companies in the nation. Without Alicia’s teaching and guidance, I would never have reached that point in my career.”

The program requires an application to be submitted and then approved by a committee in order to be accepted into the program. Living Sport has two trips planned for the 2017 calendar year, both of which will revolve around its partnership with the Red Hook Criterium, an international bike race that attracts over 12,000 spectators and hundreds of riders from around the world. The ISB program will take students to the final two legs of the series in Barcelona, Spain and Milan, Italy.

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