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Short-TERM program with big results:

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Our program extends 7 to 10 days in length and includes a full itinerary to make the most of your time traveling abroad. Our short-term program was designed this way for a purpose. We believe it gives us enough time to accomplish what we set out to do, and is cost-effective allowing all deserving participants to get involved.



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We partner with a range of world-class international sporting events including an international cycling series, triathlons, half marathons, etc. Three to four days will be reserved on each trip to receive real-world, professional experience as our group will be responsible for key elements in execution of this international event; a true resume booster and a large talking point in future interviews that can help you get your next big gig. Read first-hand experiences from Living Sport alumni here.


Explore local sports teams & attractions:

Our program includes studying and touring the local area sports teams and stadiums in each city visited. Special accommodations will be developed specifically for our group giving us an incredible learning experience at each sport destination visited. Teams and venues may include soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, car racing tracks, former Olympic villages, concert facilities, and more! 


Guided tours & atTRACTIOns:

Seeing the culture of each city we visit is a very important part of personal growth and of our program. Local group excursions will be included in the overall itinerary. You will experience tours of local landmarks, taste test local cuisine, and experience much of what each city is known for. 



SkillS workshops led by industry professionals:

All group tours will be led by sport industry professionals, allowing us to conduct a Skills Workshop session lead by executives that have years of experience and are willing to pass their knowledge along to you. During the Skills Workshop, we will direct you on how to best list this experience on your resume, tips for an effective interview, best practices for a career in sports, etc. Having direct access to professionals gives you the chance to ask questions and develop a relationship with them all week-long.


Sport industry networking:

Networking is a key aspect of any business, but it especially stands true for the sport industry. During this program you will meet industry professionals and fellow participants that are the future of sport business. This is a true networking opportunity for you. A goal of the program, just like a sports team, is to create a comradery between participants and mentors thus building lasting relationships far beyond this adventure. 


  "Participating with Living Sport was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I am thankful I took. Through this program, I was able to make new friends in the same industry as myself while also experiencing a new country and an international sports experience."


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