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It all started when...

Living Sport’s Global Internship Program began as a passion project by it’s owner, Alicia Marinelli, a veteran in the sport industry. “I really like to help young adults find the right path to achieve their professional goals” says Marinelli. “I remember everyone who had helped me in my quest to work in sports, which is a really tough industry to break into. If I can take the knowledge I learned in the past decade and use it to help develop passionate young professionals, I see it as a win all around” she says.

Through it’s Global Internship Program, Living Sport gives young adults
the chance to not only receive international work experience, but also the
chance to explore other countries, become a well-rounded individual, and
use this to stand out from other applicants while searching for a job. In the interview it is all about your experiences, and what makes you different.

Marinelli was inspired by her fiance, Bobby Livingston, a USA Olympian
in the sport of track cycling. “As an athlete, Bobby traveled to countless
countries during his cycling career begining as young as 16 years old. On
the flip side, when we met I was 31 years old and had never left the U.S.”. 

In 2016, Bobby took Alicia to Berlin, Germany to see a large indoor bike race. During this trip, she learned about sports, about culture, and about herself. This was when she came up with the idea of a global sport experience for college students, recent graduates, or professionals
looking to gain an edge in the sport industry. “While experiencing Berlin, I instantly knew that I wanted to start this program. Athletes traveling the world have life-inspiring experiences and they find ways to raise money to support their passion of competing. I believe young passionate professionals looking for a way to stand out in a very competitive job market can do the same” Marinelli enthusiastically proclaims.