Scotland: Did You Know?

20 Interesting Facts About Scotland & its Sport Culture


You might know Scotland as the northernmost country in the UK, that shares a border with England. The one with spectacular scenery, a rich history, and great whiskey. But did you know, that Scotland is made up of 790 islands, 660 of which are uninhabited? Or that the first official international football match was played there? Follow the link below for more fascinating facts about Scotland and its largest city, Glasgow - the host destination for our first International Sport Business Program this summer!

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Greece: Did You Know?

20 Interesting Facts About Greece and its Sport Culture


From serving as the birthplace of the Olympics, to establishing Democracy in 500 B.C., Greece is full of rich traditions as a country and within its sport culture. This June, the Living Sport team will travel to Athens, Greece for an International Sport Business Program. We’ll take in the sights of Athens and Ancient Olympia, and move south to stunning Oitylo Bay for a one-of-a-kind sporting event - Oceanman. As we prepare for our Athens program, here are 20 interesting facts to learn about Greece and its sport culture.

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Hamburg: Did You Know?

20 Interesting Facts About Hamburg, Germany & its Sport Culture


Hamburg, known as “The Gateway to the World”, is on the rise as a favorite destination among tourists. From world-famous sights, to bustling weekly markets, and a rich history in both music and sports, there’s no shortage of activities and places to see in this major port city. Hamburg even served as the location where a world-famous band got their start.

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