The Red Hook Criterium has unexpectedly grown into one of the most successful events in the history of American cycling.

The Red Hook Crit first started in 2008 in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn, as a celebration of organizer David Trimble’s 26th birthday. As a lover of road racing and the underground spectacle of alleycat racing he wanted something that would combine the two. Since then the Red Hook Crit has grown to be become something of an institution amongst cyclists in New York City and has spawned additional races around the world in Barcelona, Milan, and London.

The Red Hook Crit is often described as the world’s best urban cycling race made up of an eclectic community of competitors, facilitators, and fans. The “crit” in Red Hook Crit is short for criterium. Criteriums are cycle races held on short courses with multiple laps, usually lasting less than an hour, with a focus on speed rather than endurance. The Red Hook criterium course is a ¾ mile circuit with a number of tight turns — including a 180-degree hairpin and high-speed chicane — making for a very technical ride.

In the nine years since it inception, the Red Hook Criterium has unexpectedly grown into one of the most successful events in the history of American cycling. Each race attracts more than 10,000 spectators, as well as international media. The series enjoys a six-figure operating budget, and its sponsorship portfolio includes mainstream companies such as video game manufactuer Rockstar Games, Intelligentsia Coffee, and Levi’s Jeans. The popular show 60 Minutes aired a story on the crit. A preview of the show can be viewed here.

Current and retired professional riders show up in greater numbers each year, lured by the media and buzz. Demand to enter the race is so high that organizers hold time-trial qualifiers for the finale. The increase in speed has created an uptick in spectacular crashes, which are beamed across the world via social media. 

For more information about the Red Hook Crit, please visit their website.

For a great read on how the Red Hook Crit got its start: Red Hook Rising: How the Brooklyn race launched a cycling revolution.

Your Event Experience:

  • Living Sport group will be official members of the Red Hook Crit staff and learn about what it takes to facilitate this event from setup to breakdown.
  • Hard work and long hours are a part of the sport industry. We want each group member to experience a true event experience that will serve as a major asset to each member’s professional career.
  • From building the course,  assisting with rider registration, serving as a race course marshal, to making sure sponsorship agreements are met on race day, the Living Sport group will be tasked with responsibilities like these that are important to the success of the event. 
  • Interact with athletes and spectators from around the world while taking part in a bilingual working experience.
  • A chance to showcase your talent and work ethic in front of sport business professionals.
“Each year we’ve had more riders show up and the number of people watching has been crazy. Every year something completely different has happened at the race, and that’s what makes it so exciting.”
— David Trimble, Owner of Red Hook Crit