"Champions aren't made in the gym. Champions are made from something they have deep inside of them - a desire, a dream, a vision."

-muhamad ali, American professional boxer and activist


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Program Paperwork:

The files below contain forms that are very important as we travel overseas. Each document should be filled out and sent back to your Living Sport representative. If any information changed before the trip be sure to update us.

Fundraising Materials:

We believe with a bit of effort, you can raise funds to cover the investment cost of the trip. So, take a shot and start funding your future! Be sure to contact your Living Sport representative to discuss your fundraising campaign in detail.


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Program e-newsletters will begin to circulate once our final team has been fully recruited. Our e-newsletters will provide trip information such as participant bios, packing tips, travel tips and other important information about the program. Please answer the questions on the Participant Questionnaire so the group can get to know you better! We ask that you also send photos of yourself. 

Please include a minimum of one professional photo, and any other photos that help tell your story!

Other Items:


Social Media:

We encourage everyone to utilize this experience as content to feed to your social community. Informing your LinkedIn community what you are up to is sure to impress those in your network! Be sure to tag Living Sport in your LinkedIn post as this helps expands the post’s reach to the sport business executives! #iamlivingsport #LivingDublin2019

Since you are now a member of the team, we hope that you will like and follow Living Sport's social media pages!