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September 12, 2018

We are just weeks away from our incredible journey to Milan, Italy. Utilize this newsletter to prepare for the trip!


Program Paperwork Checklist:

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Although learning the Italian language is not necessary, it may be fun to take this opportunity to learn! It’s pretty simple through a great FREE app called duolingo. Our staff began playing this "game" and got hooked. Watch the demo video below and try it for yourself! 



Alicia Marinelli Photo.jpg

Alicia Marinelli is a sport business professional that has worked in multiple marketing & sales capacities in the sport & entertainment industry including positions with Madison Square Garden, Mohegan Sun Arena, International Cycling events, and with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, Triple-A Affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. Early in her career she realized the passion she had for helping young professionals succeed in the sport industry, a business that is difficult to break into.

Resulting in following that passion to help others, Marinelli created and revamped internship programs at five different sport organizations. The goal was to enable young professionals to receive meaningful and educational sport business experiences that would serve as a springboard for future opportunity. In 2011, Marinelli's sport industry success was featured as part of East Stroudburg University's nation-wide marketing campaign. In 2012, Marinelli innovatively created one of the first high school sports internship programs while she was working at the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. This program gave high school students studying sport management the chance to experiment working at the ballpark prior to attending college. In the same year, Marinelli created the first annual iRUNpigs 5K at Coca-Cola Park. To date the event has raised over $60,000 for IronPigs Charities, the team's nonprofit organization providing educational and recreational opportunities for Lehigh Valley youth. In 2014, she was elected as President of Kutztown University's Sport Management Advisory Board, advising faculty and staff on the current trends in the industry and helping students secure employment in the field. In 2017, Marinelli was invited to sit on the panel of the Pennsylvania Sport Business Conference serving as a judge in the annual case competition where student teams from universities all over the East Coast compete in a sport business research competion. 

Marinelli has now taken it one step further by creating and introducing Living Sport's International Sport Business Program. Her mission is to do even more for people, by using sport as a catalyst to experience the world and to inspire personal and professional growth. In the past year, Marinelli has led the International Sport Business Program to England, Ireland, Italy, and Spain.

Currently, a number of Marinelli's former interns, mentees, and Living Sport Alumni continue to work in sports and have found success in professional, collegiate, recreational, and nonprofit sport organizations. Through Living Sport she plans for those numbers to rise significantly. 

Marinelli received her Master's Degree in Sport Management from East Stroudsburg University where she graduated with honors. She was a dual major at Misericordia University obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in both Marketing and Sport Management. She was one of the first female Sport Management graduates at Misericordia.



What made you want to get into the sports industry?

Sports was the one thing in life that defined me as a person. Anyone that knew me saw my natural passion for being active and participanting in every sport I could! When it came time to pick the one thing that I wanted to do for the rest of my life, sport business was it.

What is your favorite sport? Favorite sports teams?

My favorite sport to play has always been baseball/softball. Currently my favorite sport to watch is American football. My favorite sports teams are the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the Penn State Nittany Lions football team.

What is your dream job?

My dream job was always to create my own sport-related business. I didn't always know what type of business it would be, but I always had confidence that I could do something great. The dream continues to evolve as we take the steps to enable Living Sport to expand across the sport industry.

What is a unique trait that you bring to our team?
My sport business story started off very rocky and finding that first job in sports didn't come easy for me. Because this industry is so competitive, I believe my story of struggle and triumph resonates with students and young professionals that may be dealing with the same obstacles. It is my hope that by sharing my story it provides motivation to those who may need it to fuel their fire to keep pushing forward to make the their dream a reality.

What is your biggest sport business accomplishment so far?

I hold all of my accomplishments close to my heart as they were all huge milestones in my life. Some of my favorites were working at Madison Square Garden alongside NBA legends and superstars, and creating/directing the first 5K race held at Coca-Cola Park, home of of the Philadelphia Phillies Triple-A Affiliate, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. The 5K was creatively coined the iRUNpigs 5K & Piglet Run. My largest accomplishment thus far is developing the Living Sport program, providing young sport business professionals and seasoned mentors the opportunity to see the world through sport! 

Depicted below: (Left) Alicia and crew working a WNBA game at MSG (Right): The first annual iRUNpigs 5K hosted nearly 700 people.

Liberty Group Shot.jpg


What do you hope to gain through the International Sport Business Program?

Josh Jon Alicia.jpg

One of the major goals of this program is to enrich the lives of our participants both personally and professionally. It is my hope that the Milan mentors and myself can inspire each and everyone on this trip. I hope to develop lifelong relationships with everyone and further grow the Living Sport family.

Photo Description: Alicia takes a photo during a dinner with two of Living Sport's 2017 Barcelona participants, Josh and Jon, that were traveling nearby Alicia’s town. Not knowing each other before the trip Josh and Jon have become great friends!


Favorite city or country you have visited?

I can't pick just one... Amsterdam, Barcelona, or Venice.

Depicted below: Alicia and the Living Sport Barcelona ‘17 crew working the Red Hook Crit International Cycling Series



What’s a hobby, a fun fact about you, or hidden talent you may have?

If the circus was hiring, I would be a great candidate... I can both juggle and make balloon animals! 

For a sport-related fun fact: I live in one of the largest areas in the nation for competitve cycling where professional riders from all over the world come to town to train each summer. The last few summers my fiancé and I have hosted athletes from Trinadad, South Africa, and New Zealand in our home.

Depicted below: Alicia and her fiancé Bobby organized a baseball game to teach cyclists from New Zealand and South Africa how to play "America's Pastime". This was the first time many of them put on a mit or picked up a bat.

Softball Game New Zealand.JPG


What college/university did you attend? Major? Where do you reside now?

I attended Misericordia University for my undergrad degree in Marketing/Sport Mangagement and East Stroudsburg University for graduate studies, majoring in Sport Management.  I currently live in a small town called Kutztown right outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

Let’s get to know the Milan 2018 team!

At Living Sport, one of our main goals is to connect people to help grow their professional network. We have all heard that networking is a necessity in the sport industry and it is definitely true. The staff at Living Sport all had help from their network along their journey through sport. Our Living Sport team with get to know each other very well on our adventure and it is our hope that each relationship lasts a lifetime! Let’s meet a few of our teammates.


M Hedges LS photo.png

Max hedges

1. What made you want to get into sport management?

Max: My passion to work in the sports industry derives from my own experiences with sports, especially as they pertain to my relationships with other people. I was introduced to some of my closest friends by first being teammates, and I credit much of my strong connection with my step-father to our bonding at sporting events. I want to be part of providing these types of experiences to others.

2. Your favorite sport? Your favorite sport teams?

Max: My favorite sport is basketball, which I’ve played since I was in the third grade. My favorite sport teams are the Golden State Warriors, the New York Giants, and the Manchester Red Devils.

Zach trophy.png

3. What job would you like to have in the next five years?

Max: I understand that many people looking for careers with sports team organizations start in a sales/account management role. In five years, I’d like to be employed with an NBA team and have moved on from a sales representative to an account executive role, on my way toward a director position.


4. What is your dream job?

Max: I want to be the CFO of an NBA organization. I think that ensuring a team has the funds needed to provide the best-possible experience for fans, as well as grow its operations and outreach, is extremely important. I want to be responsible for keeping a team on a financially sustainable path.


5. What is a unique trait you bring to the team?

Max: I’m someone with work experience in several types and sizes of sports organizations. I’ve interned for a sports-tech startup company with under twenty employees, volunteered with an AAU club program as a coach and operations assistant, and currently work in the full-scale athletic department of a Division 1 sports program at Santa Clara University.


6. What is your biggest sport business accomplishment so far?

Max: My largest accomplishment in this arena has been revamping the Santa Clara University Athletics merchandise inventory and mobile app. My boss asked me to use our sales metrics and my knowledge of student interests to decide which merchandise items to get rid of and to find new items to offer in our store. After finalizing my choices and order sizes for new items, I updated our departments app to give students mobile access to our new store inventory.


7. What do you hope to gain through the International Sport Business Program?

Max: I hope to develop a more well-rounded view of sports culture, adding to what I already know about organization operations and fan culture based on teams in the U.S. I also want to expose myself to new positions in sports business, and will be keeping an open mind regarding jobs and careers that I encounter that I haven’t given much consideration to yet.


8. Favorite city you have visited?

Max: My favorite city that I’ve traveled to is Paris. Its sites, food, and people were incredible. I’d like to go back and explore more thoroughly, though, because my visit was on an excursion during a cruise and I had only one day to experience the city.

9. Tell us about hobby, fun fact, or hidden talent you have.

Max: I’ve played the guitar since I was in the fourth grade, and I play mostly classic rock and alternative style music.


10. What college/university do you attend? Where do you reside now?

Max: I am currently attending Santa Clara University (California) to complete my degree in Finance with a minor in Management Information Systems. I live within a 5-minute walk of the university, and work for the school’s athletic program.

S Kleinhans LS photo.png

Sarah Kleinhans

1. What made you want to get into sport management?

Sarah: Growing up my family always went to the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games as well as the Washington Wild Things. There was never a time we weren’t at a field. If we weren’t at one of their games my sisters and I had our own. My life revolved around sports so I decided I wanted to make a career out of it.


2. Your favorite sport? Your favorite sport teams?

Sarah: My favorite sport is baseball. My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Pirates.


3. What job would you like to have in the next five years?

Sarah: I would like to be working in a university athletic department. Or for a professional organization in ticketing.


4. What is your dream job?

Sarah: To be an Athletic Director at a university.

5. What is a unique trait you bring to the team?

Sarah: A trait I can bring is adaptability. I worked three different types of internships; one a recreational (YMCA), professional (NFP Akron Racers) and collegiate (Marietta College).  


6. What is your biggest sport business accomplishment so far?

Sarah: An accomplishment for me was being able to work and learn behind the scenes of the Elite 8 DII Women’s Basketball Tournament.


7. What do you hope to gain through the International Sport Business Program?

Sarah: I am hoping to meet and expand my networking circle while learning how to run a successful international event.


8. Favorite city you have visited?

Sarah: My favorite city is either New York City or Las Vegas.

Sarah LV.JPG
sarah NYC.JPG

9. Tell us about hobby, fun fact, or hidden talent you have.

Sarah: A fun fact about myself is that I have my own bobble head.


10. What college/university do you attend? Where do you reside now?

Sarah: For my undergrad I attended Marietta College. I was a double major with Sports Management and Marketing. I am currently attending California University of Pennsylvania for my masters in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration. I live in Washington, Pennsylvania.

K Vicente LS photo.png

karina vicente

1. What made you want to get into sport management?

Karina: I’ve been an athlete basically my whole life and sports are something that have always been a constant for me. I enjoy watching, playing, and being involved in sports any way that I can, so I think that getting into the industry would be a great next step for me to expand my knowledge and apply myself in a different side of sports.


2. Your favorite sport? Your favorite sport teams?

Karina: I’m a tennis player so obviously I love tennis, but my other favorites would be football and soccer. I love USC Football, FIGHT ON!!


Karina Tennis.png
Karina USC Game.png

3. What job would you like to have in the next five years?

Karina: I want to be working for either AEG under their sports division doing a variety of things or be an Account Executive for a team in the MLS or NFL.


4. What is your dream job?

Karina: Ideally, I would like to be a VP of Marketing or PR of a major sports team. 


5. What is a unique trait you bring to the team?

Karina: I have a background in fundraising, event planning, and talking to tons of people on a daily basis, so I think that I could translate that to working with many different kinds of people at such a big event like the Red Hook Crit.


6. What is your biggest sport business accomplishment so far?

Karina: Completing the Sports Management program at UCSB!

Karina Graduation.png


7. What do you hope to gain through the International Sport Business Program?

Karina: I want to absorb as much information as possible and really take advantage of my time with industry professionals. I hope to gather a new perspective on what it means to work in the sports industry, while also refining my skills and pushing my limits.  

8. Favorite city you have visited?

Karina: My two favorite cities to visit are San Francisco and New York!


9. Tell us about hobby, fun fact, or hidden talent you have.

Karina: A big hobby of mine is going to the gym and I also enjoy photography.


10. What college/university do you attend? Where do you reside now?

Karina: I recently graduated from University of California Santa Barbara with a Communication and Sport Management degree. I now live at home in Fullerton, CA.

K Jefferson LS photo.png

khari jefferson

1. What made you want to get into sport management?

Khari:  My love of sports, I’ve played sports since very young. I played baseball, football, basketball and participated in track and field. Working in the industry allows me to make a contribution and be a part of this world in other ways besides playing. I like the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on to make events happen.


2. Your favorite sport? Your favorite sport teams?

Khari: My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite teams are the Philadelphia Phillies, Sixers and the world champion Eagles!


3. What job would you like to have in the next five years?

Khari: A leadership position on a sports team.


4. What is your dream job?

Khari: To be a General Manager of an NBA team.


5. What is a unique trait you bring to the team?

Khari: I am an unselfish person who is willing to do what needs to be done to help the team succeed.


6. What is your biggest sport business accomplishment so far?

Khari: Helping basketball players secure oversees basketball contracts through the basketball combine I helped plan during my internship at iBall.


7. What do you hope to gain through the International Sport Business Program?

Khari: More experience, see a different culture, what it takes to work in a fast pace, on a shorter timetable, on a much bigger event.

8. Favorite city you have visited?

Khari: Bermuda


9. Tell us about hobby, fun fact, or hidden talent you have.

Khari: Art, I draw very well without formal training.


10. What college/university do you attend? Where do you reside now?

Khari: Albright College, Business Admin major, I reside in Abington, PA right now.

Khari Football.png

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