Welcome to the 3rd edition of our London Newsletter!

May 30, 2018

We are 12 days from our incredible journey to London, England. Utilize this newsletter to prepare for the trip!


Program Paperwork Checklist:

 Below is a checklist to make sure you are up-to-date. All details can be found on the Living Sport London Portal.

Travel Insurance: Most everyone should have received a copy of their Travel Insurance plan. If you haven't received a copy but recently submitted your initial deposit, you will receive your insurance documents within 2 weeks.

Flight Information: For those traveling on the group flight, we should have your group ticket to you in the next few days.

We are still in need of connecting flight information from many of you! Please send to Alicia as soon as possible.

Trip Information: You can find the London itinerary, lodging details, and emergency contact information for Living sport on the portal as well. 



The Facebook Group Page is the easiest way for all of us to keep in contact prior to the trip. It gives us a forum to ask and answer questions so that everyone is receiving the information which is extremely helpful as we all prepare. Please post all your questions in this forum. 

All participants should have received an e-mail invite into this private group. If you have not received an invite please contact Shane at sbaglini55@gmail.com.



SHANE BAGLINI - Vice President, Communications at Living sport

Shane Baglini Photo.jpg

Shane currently serves as Vice President of Communications for Living Sport, and brings years of experience in sport business to London. Shane and Alicia Marinelli were former colleagues that both shared the same passion for the sport industry. Although their careers had taken different paths over the years, they have remained connected and have worked together on numerous sport related projects ever since. When Living Sport was founded, Shane was the perfect fit to help lead the charge with his expertise in media and public relations.

Shane also currently serves as Associate Director of Marketing at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA. Prior to that, Shane served as Manager, Business Development and Client Relations at Comcast Spectacor, one of the preeminent sports and entertainment companies in the country. In his role, Shane was responsible for developing new business proposals and servicing existing stadium, arena, conference and convention center, municipal and collegiate clients in the areas of ticketing, venue management, food service and hospitality, and corporate partnerships. Some of the clients won as a result of Shane’s work included Radford University, City of Baltimore, City of Los Angeles, Pocono Raceway, and the Holiday Bowl; as well as servicing existing clients such as the City of Philadelphia, Army Navy Game, University of Phoenix Stadium, University of Miami, Wells Fargo Center, and du Forum and du Arena (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates), among others.

Prior to joining Comcast Spectacor, Shane served as Communications Director at Valley Preferred Cycling Center in Trexlertown, PA. Here he was responsible for all internal and external communications, as well as event management, corporate partnerships, food service and hospitality, and more. Shane and his then colleague Alicia, worked together to transform Valley Preferred Cycling Center from a world class cycling facility to a family entertainment destination.

Shane obtained his B.S. in Sport Management in 2010 and M.S in Sport Management in 2013 from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. In his spare time, he is a member of the Kutztown University Sport Management Advisory Board, and the American Lung Association’s LUNGFORCE Walk/Run Committee. Shane resides in Allentown, PA and is a die-hard fan of the Miami Dolphins, San Antonio Spurs, Duke Blue Devils Basketball, and Philadelphia Phillies.

“I’m incredibly excited and honored to be a part of my second Living Sport trip. This is going to be an amazing experience both personally and professionally for myself and all of the student’s involved. I know firsthand how important having experience on your resume is in this industry, and something like this international internship experience will be a standout on everyone’s resume and an immediate talking point in interviews. I only wish this program was offered when I was in school, especially by someone as talented and dedicated as Alicia.”



What made you want to get into the sports industry?

I’ve been playing and watching sports my whole life. What better career than getting paid to watch sports?

What is your favorite sport? Favorite sports teams?

Favorite sport to play: golf. To watch: football (Miami Dolphins)

Depicted Below: Shane celebrates an Eagle from 110 yards out at his first outing of the season!

Shane Golf.JPG

What is your dream job?

Marketing at Augusta National Golf Club

What is a unique trait that you bring to our London 2018 team?
I think I can take some of what I’ve learned being outside of the sports industry to give a more rounded view of business. I’ve also done the Living Sport Barcelona trip in 2017, so I know what to expect. 

What is your biggest sport business accomplishment so far?

I basically accomplished my goal when getting a job with Comcast Spectacor working in the Wells Fargo Center. I told my boss that literally everything I did from graduating college to graduating grad school was done with working in that building in mind, and it happened.

What do you hope to gain through the International Sport Business Program?

Taking part in this program gives me a different perspective of the industry I love. It allows me to stay connected to sport and help young people find their way.

Favorite city or country you have visited?

Barcelona. England has big shoes to fill!

Depicted below: Shane at Camp Nou home of FC Barcelona!

Shane Camp Nou.JPG

What’s a hobby, a fun fact about you, or hidden talent you may have?

In high school we had Shane Baglini Day 2 consecutive years. I was dared by a friend to wear shorts every day of the school year. If I did he would announce it was Shane Baglini Day and everyone should wear shorts (he did the morning announcements). The second year I dared the principal that if I wore shorts every day she would have to wear shorts the last week of the year. I did it and we had the Second Annual Shane Baglini Day and she and faculty wore shorts for a day!

What college/university did you attend? Major? Where do you reside now?

I attended East Stroudsburg University, majoring in Sport Management. I received both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree. I currently live in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

Lets get to know the LONDON 2018 team!

Featuring Aaron Beamesderfer, Jillian Curwin, Will Bloodworth, Emma Dayan, Jessica Gover, and Daniel Hancock

At Living Sport, one of our main goals is to connect people to help grow their professional network. We have all heard that networking is a necessity in the sport industry and it is definitely true. The staff at Living Sport has all had help from their network along their journey through sport. Our Living Sport London Team with get to know each other very well on our adventure and it is our hope that each relationship lasts a lifetime! Lets meet a few of our teammates.

Aaron B LS Photo.jpg
Jill Curwin LS Photo.jpg
Will Bloodworth LS Photo.jpg
Emma Dayan LS Photo.jpg
Jessica Grover LS Photo.jpg
Daniel Hancock LS Photo.jpg


1. What made you want to get into the sport industry?

Aaron: I have always loved sports the game, the history, the apparel and especially because it is one of the best forms a person can express themselves.

Jillian: I grew up watching sports. My dad was one of four brothers, all but one turned out to be a Red Sox fan (yes, the other was a Yankee fan). He introduced me to sports at a very young age and, because of my small stature, always told me to find a way to be part of the team. In middle school I was the manager for the field hockey team. I also was the manager for my recreational softball team, learning how to keep score the old-fashioned way on pen and paper. In high school and during the first half of my college career at Tulane University I worked as a student trainer for the football team. It was during my freshman year when we played in a College Bowl game that I knew that the sports world was where I belonged.

Will: I would have to say my love for sports and athletics made me want to get into the sports industry. I grew up in middle Tennessee going to sporting events, such as Predators and Titans games. Attending these games and other events were some of the best memories of my entire childhood. I would love to work in the sports industry in order to provide people with the same experiences I received.

Emma: I grew up as a gymnast and soccer player so sports have always been present in my life since I can remember. I love to play and I love to watch the joy of other people when they play.

Jessica: I have been involved in sports since I was little. In high school I ran cross country and track, as well as played lacrosse. Sports shaped who I identified myself as, and I would be a completely different person without them.

Daniel: Ever since the day I was born my life has been centered around sports. I want to work an industry that I’m knowledgeable and passionate about and sports seems to be the fit


2. Your favorite sport? Your favorite sport teams?

Aaron: My Favorite sport is Baseball. My favorite teams are the Baltimore Orioles, Philadelphia 76ers, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Flyers, Chelsea FC and Netherlands National Football Team

Jillian: My favorite sport to watch, whether on TV, in the stands, or on the sidelines is football. My favorite sports teams are the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, and the Boston Celtics. I still do not have a favorite football team but will find myself always rooting for the underdog.

Will: I would have to say my favorite sport is baseball; however, hockey and football are not far behind. I love the Cincinnati Reds, Nashville Predators, Tennessee Volunteers and the Tennessee Titans.

Emma: I like Gymnastics and Soccer equally but I grew up watching baseball. My favorite teams are FCBarca and the New York Yankees.

Jessica: I don’t really have a favorite sports team unless you count the RIT women’s lacrosse team that I’m on haha. I like to play and be involved rather than watch.


Daniel: Although I play tennis, my favorite sport has to be basketball. My favorite teams are the Oklahoma City Thunder, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and Carolina Panthers


3. What job would you like to have in the next five years?

Aaron: In five years I would like to be working at an athletic brand company closely working in the marketing department

Jillian: In 5 years I would like to be in New York working for a sport or talent agency, representing athletes including artistic athletes such as dancers and Broadway performers.

Will: In 5 years, I hope to either be teaching History at a University, or working in some capacity for a sports franchise.

Emma: In 5 years, I would love to be overseas as a sports photographer.

Jessica: In 5 years I’m not exactly sure what I want to be doing. Obviously something related to sports maybe doing the marketing for a lacrosse team or working at the corporate offices of a big athletic company like Nike or UnderArmour.

Daniel: I would like to be color commentator


4. What is your dream job?

Aaron: To be a marketing campaign manager at an athletic brand company

Jillian: I haven’t fully defined what my dream job is. It consists of being in New York, representing athletes, and proving that people with disabilities can be a valued member of any team in the industry. 

Will: My dream job is the general manager position for the Cincinnati Reds.

Emma:  I want to be a sports photographer in Australia.

Jessica: Right now my dream job is to work at UnderArmour and represent the women’s lacrosse segment that is currently underdeveloped.

Daniel: Color Commentator in the NBA and MLB


5. What is a unique trait you bring to the London team?

Aaron: I can step into the shoes of becoming a leader and take command if there needs to be

Jillian: I have experience working on the sidelines as a member of an athletic training staff of a Division I football team. I know that members of the support staff work just as many hours, put in an equal amount of hard work, and share the same dedication to the sport as their athletes and know how to work best with them in order to get the job done.

Will: A unique trait about me, is my ability to see the good in all situations. I pride myself in staying as bright as possible. Also, I have a bit of a background in British history, so I can add some historical reference to the work we will be doing.

Emma: I think the fact that I want to pursue art and how it can relate to sport is different from the people that normally participate in Living Sport.

Jessica: I think a unique trait I bring to the team is my sense of humor. Though I can be really shy at first, once I open up I’ve been known to have a unique and quirky personality.

Daniel: I am a very open person as well as very conscientious


6. What is your biggest sport business accomplishment so far?

Aaron: At a previous internship I created a data base that cataloged all 200+ youth softball teams in the Mid Atlantic Region.

Jillian: Working as a student trainer for the Tulane University Football Team during the 2013 New Orleans Bowl.

Will: The biggest sports business accomplishment I have under my belt so far, is running a golf event to benefit charity at my school this past semester. My class was able to raise nearly $10,000 for Homes for Our Troops, an organization which builds handicap accessible housing for wounded veterans.

Emma: I have taken photos for a gymnastics gym and my high school.

Jessica: Becoming the manager for marketing at Sports Zone has been my biggest accomplishment so far because it is the first time I have had experience actually doing the marketing for a sports centered business.

Daniel: I have worked under the Athletic Director of my college’s athletic program and worked under the basketball coach at the school.


7. What do you hope to gain through the International Sport Business Program?

Aaron: Learn and experience what goes on at a major sporting event and see how it impacts fans and participants who come out to the event.

Jillian: To learn about the business side of the sports industry through experience and see how the business and athletic (including sports medicine) interact and work for the success of the athlete and, in some cases, the team.

Will: Through this International Sport Business Program, I hope to gain experience in coordinating events within the sports business field. Also, I look forward to gaining connections and networking with our group.

Emma: I love watching and participating in sports. I've always been a sports fan and I like to see how it creates passion and energy with participants or those watching.  

Jessica: I hope to gain confidence which comes from taking a leap of faith and traveling to another country with a bunch of strangers (no offense to anyone, I’m sure no one will feel like a stranger by the end of this).

Daniel: A better understanding of the Sports Business Industry and hope to make connections and friendships


8. Favorite city you have visited?

Aaron: My favorite city I have been to is Boston MA

Jillian: My favorite city I have visited is Paris, France

Will: San Francisco, CA

Emma: I wish I have traveled more but for now my favorite place I’ve been is probably Rome.

Jessica: I haven’t really traveled a lot besides Florida with my lacrosse team. I did go on a cruise once though and I got to see Mexico which was amazing because I love the beach.

Daniel: New York



9. Tell us about hobby, fun fact, or hidden talent you have.

Aaron: I earned my black belt in Isshin-ryū Karate in high school

Jillian: I’m a dwarf and set a personal record of a 7-minute headstand.

Will: I really enjoy boating. I actually recently bought a boat of my own. Also, I am one of the best Settlers of Catan players you will ever meet.

Emma: I play the guitar.

Jessica: A fun fact about me is I like to eat like I am a family of four. My favorite dinner is chicken bacon ranch pizza. I consider it portion control if I leave a piece for the next day.

Daniel: I am the Captain and top seed on the College of New Rochelle Men’s Tennis Team as well as the assistant coach of the Women’s Team. I have interviewed Yankee legend Mariano Rivera for my school paper

team photot.jpg


10. What college/university do you attend? Where do you reside now?

Aaron:  East Stroudsburg University majoring in Sport Management. I live in Myerstown PA

Jillian: I am currently a Junior at Rutgers University majoring in Sport Management in the Exercise Science department. I am from South Jersey and currently reside in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Will: I attend Middle Tennessee State University where I major in both History and Sports Management. I reside in Murfreesboro, TN; about 30 miles south of Nashville.

Emma: I am currently in Parsons School of Design and I live in Brooklyn, New York, for now.

Jessica: I currently still attend RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). I still have a year left of school to get my Masters in either Product Commercialization or Business Analytics. I’m from Rochester, NY so you could say I stuck close to home.

Daniel: I currently attend the College of New Rochelle in New Rochelle, New York where I study Media Arts with a Specialty in Sports Media as well as a minor in Sports Marketing and Business. I am from Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

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Do you like Heights? Get ready to experience the london eye!

At 135m, the Coca-Cola London Eye is the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel. It was conceived and designed by Marks Barfield Architects and was launched in 2000. 

It has won over 85 awards for national and international tourism, outstanding architectural quality and engineering achievement. In fact, it has become the UK’s most popular paid for visitor attraction.

A remarkable feat of design and engineering, the London Eye gave London’s skyline a dramatic new addition and has been offering guests a new perspective on London ever since. Originally, it was intended as a temporary structure, able to be dismantled and transported to a new location, and had planning permission for just five years. But with millions boarding it every year, its popularity has prompted its lease to be extended. Today it is a permanent fixture on the London skyline and a beautiful symbol of modern London.

Our Living Sport group will end our full-day London sight seeing day with a ride in the sky!

WhatsApp - A Great WAY to Talk & TExt with wifi!


With WhatsApp, you'll get fast, simple, secure messaging for free* (*if connected to WiFi). WhatsApp enables text and voice messaging over your phone’s data connection. By forcing the information through WhatsApp servers, you are able to avoid SMS charges. Such charges can be significant in foreign countries. Using WhatApps in another country simply involves forcing your phone or similar device to use Wi-Fi instead of local cellular connections. The catch is however that you MUST be connected to WiFi.


1. Download the WhatsApp app. We will be using WhatsApp as group chat vehicle during the trip so everyone can remain in contact while lounging at the university.


2. Turn off your cellular connection. For most phones, go into the settings menu and turn off the cellular data setting. For more information on doing this in Windows, iOS and Android phones, see the links under “Resources.”

3. Connect your phone to a compatible Wi-Fi network. Throughout the world, Wi-Fi uses a signaling standard that is compatible with virtually all smartphones.

4. Open WhatsApp and use as you normally would. WhatsApp will use the only available connection, Wi-Fi, to complete your conversations.


  • When traveling abroad, it is wise to set your status to something that informs your WhatsApp contacts that you won’t answer with the same immediacy you would when using your domestic mobile data account. The company recommends, “I am currently roaming abroad, will reply when I am on Wi-Fi.”
  • If you’re going to be in one international location for a while, you can also purchase a local smartphone and load WhatsApp on to that phone. This enables you to use cellular data without incurring data roaming charges.
  • When first connecting to Wi-Fi, open your smartphone's browser and attempt to connect to Google or another simple website. Some Wi-Fi hotspots have a captive mode that prevents your connection from completing until you agree to terms. You can agree to these terms only when redirected within a browser. If you have not agreed to these terms, WhatsApp will not work.

For complete information on WhatsApp visit their website: www.whatsApp.com