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April 2, 2019

It is very important to be prepared for the trip. Utilize these newsletters to learn more about your mentors, team members, trip details and our host event!

Program Checklist:

Below is a checklist to make sure you are up-to-date. Be sure to visit & bookmark the Living Sport London Portal where all details can be found.

Passport: A copy of the photo page is needed for our records.

Medical Records/Emergency Contact Forms: Both of these forms are very important and will be kept on file as we travel in case of an emergency.

Newsletter Questions & Answers and Accompanying Photos: We want to learn about you! Our newsletter will help our London team get to know one another prior to the trip. Please submit these items so we can feature you in a future issue.

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Flight Information: Group flight information has been sent via e-mail. Tickets will be issued to you via e-mail three (3) weeks prior to our departure. If you have booked your own flight, please send your travel itinerary to your Living Sport Representative. Itineraries should include dates, times, and flight numbers.

Trip Information: You can find the London itinerary, lodging details, and emergency contact information for Living Sport on the online portal as well. 

Social Media: Be sure to follow and like Living Sport's social media pages! We encourage you to document your trip using the hashtags #iamlivingsport and #LivingLondon2019. From planning, to packing, to your journey in London, we’d love to see it and be able to tag you in our posts!

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the OFFICIAL LONDON 2019 team!

Beginning next newsletter, we will release photos and the newsletter questions for you to get to know all of your teammates! For now, here is our team of 25 aspiring sport business professionals from around North America.

London 2019 Roster.PNG


Check out this video for a great run down of things you should know about London!

Other important Information you should know:

1. Money

The United Kingdom uses the British Pound (£) which has recently lost a lot of ground against the US Dollar, making it a fabulous time for Americans to visit. While the value does fluctuate, the exchange rate at the time of writing this post is $1.35 to 1£! That is great for us! 

100 pence = 1 pound. Pence are also sometimes called “p”, as in, the total is 5 pounds and 50 p (said “pee”). If you hear someone say “quid”, it’s slang for pound. A “fiver” is a five pound note/bill (or just, 5 pounds in general), and a “tenner” is 10 pounds.


In restaurants, the average tip is 10-15%, although you need to confirm it hasn’t automatically been added to your bill. You can add the tip to your credit card, but cash is preferred. Not all establishments pass on the tips paid on a card to the servers. 

You can tip the same 10-15% rate for taxis, but most people just round up or leave £1.  Tip more if it’s a long ride or if the driver helped with luggage.

You don’t tip at the pub if you’ve ordered drinks from the bar.  However, if you are getting table service you’ll want to tip.


The prices are fairly reasonable for buses and the tube (underground public transit system). Just remember that there is NO cash on buses!cAn Oyster Card is your best bet and could save you up to 50% when compared to a single ticket. The daily cost maximum is £4.40 per day if you’re only using buses and trams AND use the same card for payment each time. If you were using single tickets or multiple forms of payment, you wouldn’t benefit from this daily maximum. 

CityMapper is a great app that will tell you all of your options for getting from point A to point B on London’s public transportation, including taxis and bike. Google Maps is also a good alternative, but the one thing that CityMapper does better than Maps is that it tells you how much each journey option will cost, so if you’re pinching pounds, it’s pretty helpful. It also has a “rain safe” option for when you’re trying to avoid getting soaked.

Although UBER was officially banned in London, the app is still working and in use by locals. The ban won't be shut down until UBER exhausts the appeals process, so in the mean time locals are still capitalizing on its convenience. 


Yes the Brits speak English, but all countries have their own slang and unique terms.

Here are some terms you’ve likely heard and are worth noting:


Loo = bathroom  (toilet is also acceptable)
Cheers = thanks
Lift = elevator
Queue = line
Bin = trash
Boot = trunk (used in the context of a car)
Fag = cigarette
Cashpoint = ATM
Trainers = tennis shoes
Zebra Crossing = pedestrian crossing
Chemist = drug store
Biscuit = cookie
Chips = french fries
Crisps = chips
Ground floor = first floor
Petrol = gas


Come prepared to charge your devices – Bring an adapter for the 3-pin UK outlets.  The voltage is around 230V in the UK.


Another unique feature to the UK is the possible need to flip the switch on for an outlet to work. This isn’t like a light switch on the wall, the switch is actually on the electrical outlet.



For emergency, dial 999. 


London can be expensive, so take advantage of the FREE London museums. Just leave a donation to help with the upkeep. You could easily spend days wandering the museums of London, but two must-sees are the British Museum and the Natural History Museum.


Eat an English Breakfast – the traditional English breakfast consists of two eggs, bacon, toast, baked beans and a baked tomato.  



K Scheitrum LS photo.png

It was only natural that Kristin Scheitrum took her long-time love for sports from the court to the office. Following her career as a Division I basketball player at Mount Saint Mary's University, Scheitrum built an expansive professional resume working in numerous sectors of the sport industry including marketing, event planning, sponsorship sales and services for professional sports teams, and national fundraising campaigns. 

Scheitrum began her professional sports career in Minor League Baseball, selling and activating corporate sponsorships for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, Triple-A Affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. She continued expanding her experience in the industry by working in client services for the Chicago Sky WNBA team and in global marketing solutions for Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment (Brooklyn Nets, New York Islanders & Barclays Center). Most recently, Scheitrum worked in the fundraising side of the sport industry by further developing the West Coast market for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's annual Cycle for Survival events which raise over $40 million. Here she oversaw 25+ cycling events in cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.

As Director of Partnership Development & Marketing at Living Sport, Scheitrum is able to connect with passionate young individuals looking for a unique opportunity that provides personal and professional growth in the sport industry.

Scheitrum received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Spanish, from Mount Saint Mary's University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. While at The Mount, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica where she learned the value of seeing the world and experiencing new cultures for personal growth. 


What made you want to get into the sports industry?

Kristin and her teammates their senior year on the women’s basketball team at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

Kristin and her teammates their senior year on the women’s basketball team at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

Similar to many, growing up I spent all my time playing basketball at the park behind my house, or wiffle ball in the backyard with my neighbors. Sports quickly overtook my life with every weekend being spent traveling to basketball and softball tournaments and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I met my best friends through sports, I traveled to new cities, and it helped shaped the values that drive me today. I really knew I wanted my career to center around sports when I was sidelined by a career-ending injury my sophomore year in college. While remaining on the team, I was able to look at sports from an entirely new perspective - the coaches’ eyes and the behind-the-scenes business aspect. I decided this environment day in and day out was what I wanted for my career.

What is your favorite sport? Favorite sports teams?

My favorite sport to play is basketball and favorite sport to watch is football. My favorite teams are the Philadelphia Eagles and the Philadelphia Phillies.

What is your dream job?

Head of sponsorships for the Olympics. There’s nothing like the Olympic games when the whole world tunes in to watch the best of the best athletes compete. In those moments, there is a tremendous opportunity to help a brand translate the emotion from the Olympic games into their own organization by brand association. Developing those innovative and impactful global partnerships at that level would be a dream.

What is a unique trait that you bring to our team?
For the first few years in my career, I thought I had an exact path of where I wanted my professional sports career to go. However, different opportunities surfaced, life events happened, and I ended up moving from professional sports to athletic fundraising and absolutely loved it. Through this experience I saw an entirely new side of the sports business world, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with the team.

What is your biggest sport business accomplishment so far?

While at Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, I worked on the sponsorship sales pitch that resulted in the naming rights of the reimagined Nassau Coliseum, now called NYCB LIVE: Home of Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

On a personal level, I started a team to participate in Cycle for Survival (an indoor cycling event in which 100% of the money raised goes to rare cancer research at Sloan Kettering) in 2014, raising just under $10,000. To date, we have expanded to three teams participating nationwide, and have collectively raised well-over $100,000 for rare cancer research.

Kristin’s team participating in Cycle for Survival in March 2019.

Kristin’s team participating in Cycle for Survival in March 2019.

What do you hope to gain through the International Sport Business Program?

I am looking forward to creating new relationships with the London 2019 team, and hope that my experiences and connections in the sport industry can inspire and assist those beginning their career in sports.

Favorite city or country you have visited?

Barcelona and the city I live in, New York City!

Kristin and her boyfriend visiting Barcelona, Spain.

Kristin and her boyfriend visiting Barcelona, Spain.

Kristin’s view from her helicopter ride over NYC.

Kristin’s view from her helicopter ride over NYC.

What’s a hobby, a fun fact about you, or hidden talent you may have?

Hidden Talent: I am a master braider. While it was once used for my teammates prior to our games, it took a turn to the office, where you could usually find a “Braids by Kristin” sign hanging around my desk. Stop by on a bad hair day!

Fun Facts: I attended the Super Bowl in February of 2018 and saw the Eagles win! The weather was -3 degrees and after the game ended, I had to fly overnight to Boston, then take a train to NYC to get back to work by 10am -- it was all worth it.

Last year I was part of ringing the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange with Cycle for Survival which was a very memorable life and New York City experience.

What college/university did you attend? Major? Where do you reside now?

I attended Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing. I minored in Spanish and participated in a one-month study abroad program in Costa Rica where we were fully immersed in the culture, speaking little to no English. I currently reside in New York City.