Welcome to the fourth and final edition of your Hamburg newsletter!

July 5, 2019

Use this newsletter to find out who your roommate is, prepare for the weather, learn interesting facts about Hamburg and meet the rest of your team!


Below is a checklist to make sure you are up-to-date. Visit the Living Sport Hamburg Portal where all details can be found.


Passport: A copy of the photo page is needed for our records.

Participant Info/Medical Records/Emergency Contact Forms: Both of these forms are very important and will be kept on file as we travel in case of an emergency.

Travel Insurance: On June 7th, travel insurance policies were sent out to our team. If your account is not paid in full, insurance document forms will not be sent until it is.

Flight Information: Group flight information was also sent via e-mail on June 7th. If you have booked your own flight, please upload your travel itinerary to your Dropbox folder. Itineraries should include dates, times, and flight numbers.

Trip Information: Find the Hamburg itinerary, lodging details, and emergency contact information for Living Sport on the online portal as well. Refer to newsletter #3 for your packing checklist!

WhatsApp: Have you joined the team WhatsApp group? Link to join: https://chat.whatsapp.com/E3lDx9Djx5tFRkSJi0D4Ju


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The average temperature in Hamburg in July is 62 degrees F. The average number of rainy days is 12. Be sure to prepare for chilly, rainy weather! Pack a rain jacket, sweatshirt and/or clothing you can layer, compact umbrella, extra socks, a hat and anything else needed for a rainy day of working or touring the city.


D Hartrum LS photo.png


What made you want to get into the sports industry? 

Growing up, playing sports was my life. I spent more time at lessons and practicing than I did at school. I played softball for four years, field hockey for two years in high school, did gymnastics, and cheered competitively. I was lucky enough to be on a cheerleading team that made it to the UCA National Championship four times in Florida. We placed 4th twice, and 2nd two years in a row! Sports have always been a part of me and who I am. My determination, courage, confidence, and my will to work hard is all thanks to the athlete that sports shaped me into. Getting into the sports industry for me means going to work every day to do something that I love and am passionate about. 

What is your favorite sport? Favorite sports teams?

My favorite sport to watch and attend games is ice hockey!!! I'm a diehard Philadelphia Flyers fan. Just ask my cat she has a jersey too! I love the excitement, the fans, and the atmosphere of the games. There's nothing like sitting rinkside with some awesome people watching your team win.


What job would you like to have in 5 years?

I hope to be working for a professional sports team, interviewing fans and the team. Making the games and interactions the most memorable moments! 

What is your dream job? What’s your next job?  

My dream job is to be an arena and television host for a professional sports team. Working for the Philadelphia Flyers would be a dream come true for me! My goal is to one day be able to help those who want to break into the sports industry, but don't have the means or financial ability to.

What is a unique trait that you bring to our team?  

I myself am a very outgoing, unique, and corky kind of person. I think I can bring a lot of positive traits and vibes to the Living Sports team, and work well with everyone. I work hard, love to make people smile, build others up, and like to have fun and be goofy in the process! Everyone should be surrounded by a positive, respectful, and compassionate team. All those things that a person should be surrounded by, are some of the things that describe me best.

What is your biggest sport business accomplishment so far? 

Although I've been out of school, I've been able to be a part of some awesome things! I attending the Hockey for Her event with the Philadelphia Flyers. While there I met alumni players, executives, had access to the locker room, and got a taste of what it's like in the sports industry. I’ve had the privilege to announce the 2018 charity softball game of the Washington Township Police Department and the Washington Borough Fire Department in my hometown (which I will be doing again this summer). This was one of my favorite things to do because it was really special to see the community come together. It was really fun to be a part of. My biggest accomplishment so far is definitely being selected to be a member of the Living Sport program!

What do you hope to gain through the International Sport Business Program? 

There are not enough words to describe how happy and thankful I am to have been selected for this program. During this program I want to gain the knowledge to further my career, the experience that comes with it, and the friendships/partnerships made along the way! I'm most excited to meet with mentors and work on networking skills, learn how to build the perfect resume, and get the real world experience that you can't get in a classroom. 

Favorite city or country you have visited?  

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. When I was 19 years old, I went on a road trip by myself to Colorado to see my sister. It was hands down one of the best experiences of my life! I got to see how big and different things are outside of New Jersey. I've been lucky enough to see 19 states and Canada so far (I can't wait to add Germany to the list). However, my favorite place that I have visited is Sedona, Arizona! It's about three hours away from the Grand Canyon, which is my favorite place in the world!

What’s a hobby, a fun fact about you, or hidden talent you may have? 

I love to adventure and do anything that involves the outdoors or music. Fishing, hiking, going to the beach, trying new foods, and doing anything my crazy friends want to do. A fun fact about me is that I can pop my left hip out of place and push it back in! I don't have many hidden talents that are extremely cool. However I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order in under 30 seconds.

What college do/did you attend? What was your Major? What city do you reside in currently?

I currently reside in Washington, New Jersey! After graduating from Belvidere High School (a town where there are more cows than people), I attended Warren County Community College for two years. While taking the last year and a half off school, I've worked hard to save my money so I can go back to school and further my education. I'll be attending Warren County Community College until the spring of 2019. I will then go to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, with a major in sports journalism and broadcasting. Forks up y'all.....Let's go Sun Devils!!!!


C Foster LS photo.png


What made you want to get into the sports industry?

Just as my career in politics and government began as a voter, my interest in the sports industry began as a fan. My curiosity is new but growing very quickly! Recently, I began working on various research projects for a Pennsylvania-based firm called Playmakers Group. They work specifically with the Philadelphia Union and the city of Philadelphia to elevate the game of soccer in preparation for the 2026 World Cup. Seeing the value my work provides has sparked my fascination with how Major League Soccer has navigated its growth in America.

What is your favorite sport? Favorite sports teams?

Soccer, specifically Major League Soccer. My favorite team is DC United. I also enjoy baseball, college football and golf.


What job would you like to have in 5 years?

I’d really like to have established a better presence on my YouTube channel (Between Clean Sheets) and social media platforms. Working in Major League Soccer in a way that engages new fans and gets global soccer fans to take a chance on the teams in their own backyard is a cause that’s really important to me — I want to be involved in it professionally. Ultimately, I’d love to be involved with the World Cup in 2026.

Between Clean Sheets.png

What is your dream job? What’s your next job?

My dream job is to be the mayor of a city with really good sports teams. Best of both worlds, right?! At the moment, I’m in between election cycles, reevaluating my professional trajectory and deciding my next move. I have enjoyed working in politics, but I am ready for a change. I hope that this program will help clarify some of those questions for me.

What is a unique trait that you bring to our team?

My professional experience in politics and government is a bit unconventional for this program, though I believe many of my skills in that industry translate well to the business of sports. I’m looking forward to bringing my perspective and hope that it provides value to other participants.

What is your biggest sport business accomplishment so far?

Last year I managed the field program for a citywide ballot measure in San Diego that proposed replacing the old Chargers stadium and surrounding area with a sports & entertainment district. It would have included a new, joint-use stadium for San Diego State football and a Major League Soccer team. In eight weeks, I singlehandedly managed a team of 120 field representatives who made contact with over 200,000 voters in the city of San Diego. The campaign faced an uphill battle and was ultimately unsuccessful, but I was really proud of what I was able to accomplish in the time frame.


What do you hope to gain through the International Sport Business Program?

I hope to get a better sense of where I fit in the industry and how I can leverage my current skills to a career in sports. I’m excited to meet others who are passionate about the business of sports and I’m looking forward to making connections that I can bring back with me to the states.

Favorite city or country you have visited?

I love New Zealand! I visited as a teen and even got to see the All Blacks rugby team play in Auckland.

What’s a hobby, a fun fact about you, or hidden talent you may have?

I grew up playing the piano and took organ lessons in college. I currently serve as the organist for my church congregation and coordinate the music program every week.

What college do/did you attend? What was your Major? What city do you reside in currently?

I attended Wesleyan College in Macon, GA where I majored in both international relations and French with a minor in classical piano. I also played DIII soccer. After graduating in 2012, I moved to Washington, DC, where I’ve lived most of my adult life.

D Dickens LS photo.png


What made you want to get into the sports industry?

Growing up I played football and basketball and now I would like to learn about the sport industry. 

What is your favorite sport? Favorite sports teams?

Basketball is my favorite sport. The Lakers, Ravens and Orioles are my favorite teams.

What job would you like to have in 5 years?

Sports agent or a financial advisor for athletes.

What is your dream job? What’s your next job?

My dream is to become a sports agent and have clients that play all sports. I’d like to give back to my community and open up a sports complex that holds track & field meets and also AAU basketball tournaments for upcoming teenage athletes.  

What is a unique trait that you bring to our team?

Leadership and confidence.

What is your biggest sport business accomplishment so far?

Being accept into the International Sport Business Program.

What do you hope to gain through the International Sport Business Program?

Knowledge of the sports industry and a great experience.

Favorite city or country you have visited?

Florida and specifically, Disney World.

What’s a hobby, a fun fact about you, or hidden talent you may have?

I love to play basketball and I love to laugh, smile and have a good time. 

What college do/did you attend? What was your Major? What city do you reside in currently?

Lincoln University PA | Finance major | Baltimore, Maryland



1.  The Beatles actually began their music career in Hamburg! In the 1960’s, the band played multiple sets a night at Hamburg’s Indra Club. When John Lennon was asked about growing up in his birthplace of Liverpool he responded, “I didn't grow up in Liverpool. I grew up in Hamburg".


2. Hamburg has over 2,400 bridges – more than Venice, London and Amsterdam combined!

3. Hamburg has long been known as “The Gateway to the World”, welcoming around 15,000 ships annually from 100 countries. The Port of Hamburg is Germany’s largest, and is the second largest and business In Europe behind Rotterdamn in the Netherlands.


4. Hamburg is the second largest populated city in Germany behind Berlin.

5. The world’s first modern zoo was founded in Hamburg in 1907, when Carl Hagenbeck Jr. created a zoo with moats instead of cages so visitors could view the animals in their more natural habitat.

6. Children’s inflatable armbands were invented in Hamburg.

7. 14% of Hamburg is made up of green spaces and recreational areas. Planten un Blomen, located in central Hamburg and 47 hectares in size (116.1 acres), is known for having the largest Japanese garden in Europe and for its water light shows taking place at night in the summer.


8. From food markets to flea markets, Hamburg has more weekly markets than any other city in Europe.

9. Hamburg’s City Hall has 647 rooms, making it bigger than Buckingham Palace.

10. Elbphilharmonie, which opened in Hamburg in 2017, is one of the largest and acoustically most advanced concert halls in the world. It’s made of brick-and-glass and resembles an ocean liner docked in the city’s harbor. 



1. Hamburg is known as Germany’s capital for sports!

2. FC St Pauli, one of Hamburg’s football clubs, is known for its punk and techno fans who make up one of the western world’s most politically and culturally engaged fanbases. You’ll see them holding signs encouraging more females to play football!


3. The Hamburger Sport-Verein Club (commonly referred to as Hamburger SV or HSV) was originally founded in 1887 as SC Germania, but in 1919 it merged with two other clubs forming the current Hamburger SV.

4. Until last season when it was relegated for the first time, HSV had played in Germany’s top tier league, the Bundesliga, since 1919.


5. Hamburger SV’s field, the Volksparkstadion, hosted five matches during the 2006 World Cup.

6. Some notable German athletes currently playing in Major Leagues in the United States include Dirk Nowitzki (NBA - Dalles Mavericks), Dennis Schroder (NBA - OKC) and Max Kepler (MLB - Minnesota Twins).


7. Germany has won the second joint-most FIFA World Cups, tied with Italy (four), and behind Brazil’s five.

8. The first German rowing club opened in Hamburg and was part of the first official German rowing race in 1837 against an English club.

9. The Hamburger Renn-Club for horse racing was founded in 1852, and the North German Derby first ran in 1869. To this day, the most important German horse race of the year (the annual IDEE derby) takes place in Hamburg the first Sunday in July. The derby is culturally and historically very important as it survived two World Wars.


10. Other popular sports in Hamburg outside of football include golf, handball, ice hockey, cycling, equestrian sports and the Hamburg Marathon, among others.