Hamburg: Did You Know?

20 Interesting Facts About Hamburg, Germany & its Sport Culture


Hamburg, known as “The Gateway to the World”, is on the rise as a favorite destination among tourists. From world-famous sights, to bustling weekly markets, and a rich history in both music and sports, there’s no shortage of activities and places to see in this major port city. Hamburg even served as the location where a world-famous band got their start.

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Greece: Did You Know?

20 Interesting Facts About Greece and its Sport Culture


From serving as the birthplace of the Olympics, to establishing Democracy in 500 B.C., Greece is full of rich traditions as a country and within its sport culture. This June, the Living Sport team will travel to Athens, Greece for an International Sport Business Program. We’ll take in the sights of Athens and Ancient Olympia, and move south to stunning Oitylo Bay for a one-of-a-kind sporting event - Oceanman. As we prepare for our Athens program, here are 20 interesting facts to learn about Greece and its sport culture.

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A Royal Adventure

By: Kristina Hart, Living Sport London 2018 Participant & Media Relations Intern at the University of Maryland Athletic Department


We walked up to a majestic building, standing tall and wide with pointed tips on the roof. It towered over us, looking very similar to a castle. This we were told, was our home for the next nine days. The Royal Holloway University was nothing like I had ever seen before. It was in fact, the very opposite of what I had come to know as a typical college dormitory in the United States. In that moment, I have to admit, I felt a little bit like royalty. After a 3,500-mile journey, with 27 strangers, to a country I had never been, I couldn’t have been more excited for what was ahead in my Living Sport experience.

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Life on Two Wheels

By: Cal Weisman, Living Sport Milan 2018 Participant & Student at Bradley University

“Move, Move, Move. Get out of the way,” I hear Kacey hollering at the top of her lungs to the cyclists looking for their starting grid positions. Subconsciously I immediately follow her lead, not sure what’s going on. Soon, I see. The race had just started and like dominos, a mass of cyclists in the middle of the pack crashed to the ground, tumbling on top of one another. The crowd is gasping. We are sprinting onto the course only to turn our heads and see in the distance behind us, the front group of riders, zooming around the corner at more than 35 MPH into the straightaway to end their first lap – right where we are standing. The race had been called for a restart, but the riders rode through the stoppage warnings.

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Scotland: Did You Know?

20 Interesting Facts About Scotland & its Sport Culture


You might know Scotland as the northernmost country in the UK, that shares a border with England. The one with spectacular scenery, a rich history, and great whiskey. But did you know, that Scotland is made up of 790 islands, 660 of which are uninhabited? Or that the first official international football match was played there? Follow the link below for more fascinating facts about Scotland and its largest city, Glasgow - the host destination for our first International Sport Business Program this summer!

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Social Media: Today’s International Language

Living Sport Karina Vicente.png

By: Karina Vicente, Living Sport Milan 2018 Participant & University of California Santa Barbara Graduate

I imagine that when people hear the words “social media,” - especially in generations preceding mine - a certain stigma arises about what exactly that means, and what it’s being used for. Most probably assume my use of social media is just that, social. Previously…. it was.

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A Step Closer to Finding My Million-Dollar Answer

Tina Schirmeister LS Photo.png

By: Tina Schirmeister, Living Sport London 2018 Participant & student at California State University Fresno

What do you want to do for the rest of your life? That is the million-dollar question many search daily to answer. All I knew about my answer was something involving sports. Over time I have been given the same pieces of advice to help me succeed in this competitive environment: gain experience in your field, network with current professionals, and find multiple opportunities that will set yourself apart from everyone else. I along with 25 other undergraduates or recent graduates from around the country found our opportunity through Living Sport.

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Making A Change

Chris Kuo LS Photo.jpg

By: Chris Kuo, Living Sport London 2018 Participant & Brand Ambassador for the Pittsburgh Steelers

I have been working in the sports industry for the Pittsburgh Steelers for the past three years, and have loved every second of it (two years as an undergraduate, seasonally, then in an expanded role after I graduated). However unfortunately, I didn’t find my passion and desire to work in sports until after my junior year of college, during my first year with the Steelers. So a few months ago there I was, a recent college graduate with an Advertising degree, but a newfound desire to work in sports that I would not let die. This meant I had to find a new way to gain experience in the sports industry, but how? Should I go to graduate school, try to find an internship or something else? No matter what my choice, I knew I had some important life decisions coming up.

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Faith Restored: A Trip Around the World with the Next Generation

Shane Baglini Photo.jpg

By: Shane Baglini, Living Sport Advisory Board Chair

In April 2017, Alicia Marinelli approached me and asked that I consider being a mentor on her inaugural trip through her newly formed company, Living Sport. The trip would be 8 days 7 nights in Barcelona, Spain. It took me less than 30 seconds to say yes. I had planned to go with Alicia to Milan, Italy later that year, but I guess I could sacrifice and settle for Barcelona to help a friend (*wink, wink*).

As a mentor, I’d be passing along my sport industry knowledge to 22 young and eager college students/graduates, most of which were Sport Management majors. We’d be working at the Red Hook Crit: Barcelona, a cycling event. What a great way for me to stay connected and help young people succeed in whatever small way I could, I thought.

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My 4,000 Mile Sports Journey

K Anderson LS photo.png

By: Kalah Anderson, Living Sport Milan 2017 Participant & Group Ticket Sales Executive at Peoria Rivermen Hockey Club

It took me 4,000 plus miles, 2 suitcases, 16 strangers and 1 leap of faith to realize that the sky is truly the limit in sports. If you would have asked me two years ago if I would have traveled abroad to Milan, Italy to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to work an international sporting event, the answer would have been no. Fast forward to today, I am ever grateful for that split second choice to go out on a whim and apply for an experience that has forever changed my life.

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